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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have my own web server?
No. Tak-off runs in our operations center with battery-backup and generators to guarantee availability.

Our club has our own homepage, can we include Tak-off scheduling in our page?

Yes, with just a few lines of HTML, you can provide a link to the member login screen. If you don't have your own homepage, we will provide you with a URL for direct access.

Do our club members have to install any software?
Only the basic software needed to connect to the internet and view webpages.

Can I access it from AOL? CompuServe? A Macintosh?
If you can get to the internet, you can access Tak-off. We work with most web browsers.

What hours is it available?
It is available 24 hours / day, 7 days a week, 365 days / year. We have had no downtime in over a year of service.

Do you have customer references?
Contact us by e-mail or call (315) 789-4411 and we'll provide you with a list of customers using the service.

Can we customize the system?
The system is already very flexible, but we cannot provide custom programming for your site.

How long have you been in business
We've been developing software for 30 years, and Internet solutions for 20 years.